Tuesday Pattaya

Tuesday Pattaya League
i-rovers Sports Bar ‘B
Wanna Break
Phimai Geordie Sports Bar
i-rover’s Sports Bar ‘A
Retox Sports Bar
Center Condo Sports Lounge
Retox Game On
Wanky Tankies
(Retox) Queens Arm’s
Cloud 9 Soi 15
Don’t Tell Mama
the Swan Pub
Korandos Soi 15
Poms Blue Sky Bar

Simplified Ruling’s to Follow…

  • Beer-legs count as a point, please make sure you include this in your result box before signing!
  • Use the correct sheet, for the correct league night, using the correct days DATE!
  • Hand your result sheet into the Swan or i-rovers as soon as you can please.
  • You must wait 2 weeks before you change teams, thus meaning you play on the 3rd week.
  • More rules to be updated shortly!
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