Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors, please feel free to browse our sponsors websites.

A big thank you to all at San Miguel Thailand for continued sponsorship for our leagues for the last 8 years please click  to visit there website.

Please like there Facebook Page.

A big thank you to the Retox group for sponsoring the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday league, your sponsorship is truly amazing and we at Pattaya Darts would like to say a big thank you to all from the Retox boy’s and girl’s for your continued support.

Please click the pictures / links below to browse there info.

Retox Sports Bar, Soi Lengkee


Retox Game On, Soi Honey

the Robin Hood Tavern in the avenue shopping mall on the 2nd road on the 2nd floor

With the biggest screen in Thailand and 6 dartboards, the Robin Hood is the place to be…..

Sponsors of the Thursday league (Pattaya)

Please visit there Facebook page…

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