PDC Guidelines

Pattaya Darts Community Guidelines

Party / Presentation Nights

  • FOOD…
  • When it’s your turn for the party, the money left over after the purchase of trophies goes towards the food.
  • If you do not have a kitchen and you get someone else to do the food for you, please ask how much they will charge, and maybe pay some towards it so we have maximum food for the players, those with kitchens, it is in your own interest to put out a good spread without deducting money for staff etc as you will get the revenue back from the night!
  • If you decide to have a lucky draw, it is down to the team captain / bar owner to organise.
  • Depending on the nights we play, please seed the players, it is not fun for others when the 2 top players get picked out together, give everyone a chance to win!
  • Lucky draws are normally doubles, if your partner leaves early, please find a new partner that has NOT played from the start! You cannot use a partner that has already LOST! If necessary use a member of staff or your wife / girlfriend or the local motorcy taxi driver 555 If you cannot find a new partner to continue to play with, then it is up to the organizers to come up with a option for example entry fee returned!

League Nights

  • Sheets are still being handed in without the dates / names of teams!
  • Wrong sheets for different nights are still being used!
  • Please hand in your sheets too i-rovers on LK Metro or the Swan soi 13/1
  • You can also take a picture and post it on the necessary league Facebook league chat rooms.
  • Please use the chat rooms with respect to others they are here for results and info ONLY not for slagging off other bars or individuals etc…
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